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There is a comfort in working with a professional
who, not only is good at what they do, but who enjoys what they do. 
It's like watching an athlete execute an outstanding performance,
- making it look both easy and effortless- 
all the while knowing inside that behind that stellar effort
are countless hours of preparation, determination, and experience. 
In medicine, it's called "bedside manner". 
Practical, definitive, and result driven.  In a word, comforting.

Law, like medicine, requires preparation, determination, and experience. 
Much of what a lawyer does is not taught in law school. 
Important things that only years of true legal experience can teach. 
Counseling.  Investigating.  Litigating.  Trial work. 
Knowing what to do now ...and what to do next...
to guarantee the client the best result possible under the particular facts of that particular case.

In selecting a lawyer, find the lawyer
whose easy demeanor and confident manner instantly put you at ease. 
Look for the lawyer to offer practical guidance and definitive advice
in how to address your particular problem. 

Select a lawyer who has a proven track record and who is well regarded in the legal community.

Most importantly, select a trial lawyer who will be a powerful advocate for your case.  
All cases have the potential to go to trial,  though statistically less than ten percent actually do. 
Cases must be prepared for trial, not just so that they can be tried, but to assure the best possible result.


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